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Elected spellcaster of the year !Elected spellcaster of the year !

January 1, 2018

● The year has started and for those who bought a spell from me last year, I want to thank you for believing in me. I hope the excellent results I gave you with my magic is something you will build a better future on! Remember that I am the witch who has the biggest amount of returning clients.

November 18, 2017

● Hi everyone! I want to announce you a new arrival. Yesterday I've finally got earth from Machu Pichu, Peru. It come from the pyramids and it is very can even feel it from the moment you touch it! I can cast three love spells, I recommend this earth only if you think that your case is a difficult one. If you feel this is your situation, please don't hesitate and contact me now! You can't miss this earth from Machu Pichu.

October 24, 2017

● Halloween is upon us and I have some very special casts waiting for you! Few spots left, so hurry and place your order, as I need to bless your materials on Oct 29th, before I cast on Oct 31st!

September 19, 2017

● A "once every 7000 years"- opportunity comes on September 23rd! I will cast amazing spells with the powers I harness from the energies developed by the perfect star constellation. This day will be magnificent but I only have 3 spots left for this day, so contact me now!

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Answers about my witchcraft services

1- Is your magick safe?

Yes. I wouldn't let anything risk my clients' health and spiritual stability. Your safety is my main concern, whatever the spell is. The spell won't harm and won't backfire.

2- When my spell will be cast?

Within a few days after you place your order.

3- How long will it take before I can see results?

You will normally have full results in 2 to 7 weeks.

4- What is the price of your spells?

Prices vary as every case is different and requires a custom spell. My prices are $200 and up.

5- What is your success rate?

99%. It's maybe hard to believe but the magic and witchcraft I use stand out among the competition. My happy clients knew they did the right choice when they ordered my spells. Soon you will testify too that my spells are the best. The results I provide won't disappoint you!

6- What if I can't see results in time?

I am very confident to offer the best spell service that exists! It means fast and sure results! If you are not feeling the spell has given you the results you wanted, after 7 weeks (or more if I notify a success in your case might take longer), then I will offer to recast the spell for FREE!

I can fulfill your dreams in a few days!!! Witchcraft has no secrets for me?
let me cast a powerful spell for you!

7- If I use your spells, are results permanent?

Yes, of course!

8- Is there a refund?

No. If you go to the doctor, is there a money back guarantee for the medical service? Of course not! My service consists in casting spells to help you have satisfying and fast results. The quality of my spells is my guarantee. I cast your spell thanks to the best techniques I know, and I would be happy to prove you that it works! I always give a FREE RECAST if you are not happy with the results given after 7 weeks (or more if necessary).

9- I have bought other magic spells before I find your site. Can I still get your spells?

Yes. Obviously, if those spells had worked, you wouldn't be reading my site. Secondly, spells do not obstruct each other. Of course, if you ask a caster a love spell to reinforce the bonds you have with someone, and then a break up spell to leave the person, the two spell will interfere. But I'm sure you won't do that.

10- What do you need to know when people contact you for the first time?

I need your name, last name, date of birth, the country where you live and your detailed description of you case. It can be just a few lines for a first consultation, yet try to include the most important elements of your story.

11- Is it possible to reinforce later a spell you cast today?

Yes. Many of my clients ask for short or medium term solutions. When they are convinced that my spells work, they ask for reinforced spells to have permanent results. Of course, you can apply for a permanent results spell in first stage. It's more expensive but in the end, you'll save money with a very powerful spell needing no recast.

12- Do I need to believe in magick for my spell to work?

No. It's not a matter of faith; it will work, even if you are not a huge believer. All I ask is that you do all you can to stay positive after the spell has been cast. Negative energies will weaken the spell.

13- Do you cast spells only in favor of eligible persons?

Yes. It's not fair but that's the way I keep a success rate you won't find elsewhere. It means my service is strictly limited to a few cases that I personally consider as solvable.

I only take 2 clients for custom spells per week.
contact me today!

14- How will you know if my case is eligible for a spell?

I possess many artifacts and one of them allows me to know if your situation can be changed with a spell for sure. Just give me the information I request, and let me answer you. I am a professional and won't take the risk that a spell fails.

15- Shall I contact you even once the spell is cast?

Yes, you may email me for assistance regarding your case.

16- What kind of magick do you use to cast your spells?

I use different types of witchcraft I specialized in: white magick, red magick and green magick. I am proud to announce that these crafts have no secrets for me.

17- There are blogs or websites saying that some spell casters are fraud. How can I know for sure that you are real?

Generally, those sites that bad-mouth psychics and spell casters are put up by competitors. Don't let them fool you! If you notice that a spell casting site points the finger at others for being scam, this site is most likely a scam itself. Murderers often call the police to report a crime because they think the police won't suspect them. It's exactly the same here: a con-artist website denounces scams to fool the customers around, to make them think the site is authentic. But if you see a site like this, you better run.

18- I want to order a spell but I don't want anyone to know anything about it.

Don't worry, according to my privacy policy, all the messages you send me remain totally confidential.

19- Can you cast more than one spell at a time? My situation is special and I need more than one spell.

Yes I can. I even recommend you to mention that as soon as possible. You might get an interesting discount for buying more than one spell. In some cases, I can even offer one spell for free.

20- Do I need to perform a candle ceremony or such?

Yes. Though it's easy and everyone can do it. I customize the ceremony according to your needs.

21- How do I place my order?

When you and I have come to a conclusion and you made a decision to use my services, you will be given a link to purchase my spell service. You can pay with VISA or Master Card. I don't offer any other payment solutions.

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