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Elected spellcaster of the year !Elected spellcaster of the year !

October 24, 2017

● Halloween is upon us and I have some very special casts waiting for you! Few spots left, so hurry and place your order, as I need to bless your materials on Oct 29th, before I cast on Oct 31st!

September 19, 2017

● A "once every 7000 years"- opportunity comes on September 23rd! I will cast amazing spells with the powers I harness from the energies developed by the perfect star constellation. This day will be magnificent but I only have 3 spots left for this day, so contact me now!

August 22, 2017

● Yesterday was an amazing view accross the whole of USA: An extraordinary solar eclipse! During this time I gathered my coven and did some very special blessings on materials used for the next 10 persons who will have their spells cast by me! Contact me or order online, right now!

July 23, 2017

● I'm very proud to announce I finally got in my hands the Sacred Oil of Life, brought to me specially from Rome, Italy. This very ancient blessed oil will boost my spells over 100%, so time rates will be extremely powerful, and my clients won't have to wait more than a few days for complete results. I own only a little sample bottle, since it is a very coveted material for witchcrafting. The first clients in requesting this special opportunity will be the chosen ones. Do not hesitate in asking me about it!

June 30, 2017

● Hi everyone! There is a lot of great news to bring you now! The next Full Moon rises almost exactly at sunset and sets almost exactly at the next sunrise. During this time I can cast one of the most powerful spells but only 3 people can get it! It's time for a new beginning! I know you can have it with your lover! I've been working hard to have the BEST materials and time to perform this ritual. As it takes lot of time to prepare all, I only do it two times per year. I did it for people with genuine love to take one of the 3 shots! Next Full Moon is on July 9th. Contact me now and I will explain you all! You can't miss this opportunity.

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Moirai : The Cyber witch !


"She was the witch of Hollywood movie stars. Thanks to internet, now she casts spells for all of us".


I can fulfill your dreams in a few days!
Witchcraft has no secrets for me?
let me cast powerful spells for you!

To become a witch can be rarely improvised. The talents I have to cast white magic spells come from my family. In fact, I am the heir of a century-old and mystic bloodline. My ancestors were involved in witchcraft long time ago in Europe, precisely in France. Because witches were considered heretics and often burned alive overseas, my forebears decided to join the U.S.A. There, we have been free to practice the Craft.

Currently I reside in Texas but I spent many years of my life in Los Angeles, California. I was working thanks to my reputation of authentic psychic. I was retained by major movie stars, movie directors and TV producers for psychic readings and spell works. Honestly, when I look back, I'm happy I stopped working for famous persons. My life is now much more peaceful thanks to internet. Casting spells online is the perfect compromise between work and serenity.

I am a member of a secret society in Salem, Massachusetts. For obvious reasons, I can't name it. In 1989, I was among the witches who founded W.A.R.D. (Witches Against Religious Discrimination) to stop offenses and fallacy against witchcraft. I have started my online career in 2007. Looking for a major success in my online career, I came up in September 2013 with this spell casting website.

Spellcasting Magicks Moirai uses:

The types of witchcraft I use to cast your spells are white magick, red magick, green magick and of course my own psychic gift. It assures you that my spells are safe and backfire-proof. I do not use black magick at all.

White magic spells are cast to watch over, heal, bless and help yourself and those you support. They intend to take over curses and hexes, reverse evil and protect you against any kind of bad enchantment. White magic spells give a better daily life, make wishes come true, are protective against the Evil Eye, restore friendship and are extremely powerful spells.

Red Magick is used to cast love spells, sex spells and attraction spells. I employ this craft to help you find a new lover, bring back a lost lover, empower sexual fidelity, succeed a marriage proposal, attract sexual partners, develop libido, or enhance your love life.

Green Magick spells are used to cast money spells, career spells, luck spells or gambling spells. I can help you win the lottery, have luck in casinos, receive a job offer or promotion at work.

I only take 30 clients per week...
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